Due: August 2013

24fb76e6-5d62-44ec-96bb-b351047b8df2In Under the Skin, a brutal African dictator is challenged by two young women from different worlds: Maggie Kincaid, born to wealth and privilege in New York, and Nabby Kibugu, born to poverty and obscurity in the African bush. Their unlikely friendship sparks a fiery political drama with the potential to upend the leadership of a country and change the lives of millions.

Maggie is working as an intern for an American company in Uganda when she meets longtime pen pal Nabby. She becomes ensnarled in a clandestine political campaign to elect Nabby as the first female president of Uganda. The women risk everything as they take on a corrupt, abusive government. In a startling move, they decide to enlist the improbable help of a notorious warlord, and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether their dangerous gamble will pay off.



Nick Hahn started writing while a student at the University of Notre Dame. His travel diaries reflect fourteen years of working among indigenous peoples from Africa to Latin America, where he witnessed social and political unrest. He makes his home in rural eastern Connecticut near Long Island Sound, where he writes and narrates audiobooks. Under the Skin is his first novel.


Under The Skin, due August 2013

ImageJoseph Kony is a notorious warlord and fugitive. He’s a kidnapper, a murderer and a human trafficker. He’s the sadistic leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and continues to evade capture while he terrorizes villagers along the Ugandan borders with Sudan and the Congo Republic. Kony’s role in my novel, Under The Skin, is fiction but his legacy is very real.

Under The Skin, a political thriller by Nick Hahn, to be released next month, watch for it.

IMG_5669This photo was taken by me when ourToyota Land Cruise pulled over for pictures and unknowingly invaded this big boy’s space. He was a fully developed Cape Buffalo who could have upended our vehicle with a single thrust of those massive horns. We very gently backed out of there and went luckily on our way, that photo was taken no more than 20 feet away. This is Uganda, East Africa the site of my new novel and one of the most mysterious, dangerous and exciting places left on earth. Experience it with me through the pages of Under The Skin.

Nick at Victoria Falls, Northern Uganda-2008

Image   Image

I spent several months working and living among the indigenous peoples of Uganda, mostly in the conflict stressed regions around Gulu, Kitgum and Lira in the North. These are regions devastated by the notorious warlord Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). He remains at large to this day. Victoria Falls is a scene from my new novel, UNDER THE SKIN,  due for release August 2013