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Every young man and woman should be required to join the Peace Corp.















Picture yourself in East Africa, Central Asia, North Central India (Calcutta) or most anywhere in Central and South America. Lending your talent, education, family vacations, music, dance, theater, technology, finance et al to educate and mentor these people. They need you, the world needs them and America needs both.

As some of you know, I recently returned from Mongolia and Botswana, two entirely different places geographically and culturally, but with similar issues, how to expand their economy and provide a better life for their citizens.

A few years ago I spent eight months in Uganda, where I interacted with Peace Corp volunteers. These young people were our best and brightest, they were providing tools and services for education, health, and technology. They serve with dedication and resolve to make a difference in these people’s lives.

What really stood out for me, however, was the pure joy these volunteers showed as they went about their work, they loved what they were doing and it showed. All this in spite of poor living conditions and lack of modern conveniences.

Victoria Falls, Uganda East Africa

Nick In Brazil

Development work isn’t about living well on the job, it’s not about money or recognition it’s about  mind and heart, it’s about your core, that mysterious something that brings tears to your eyes at the most embarrassing moments when logic shuts down and your better nature, your human nature, takes over. It’s about that overwhelming feeling you get when you see a 6-year-old African child smile at you and finally overcome natural shyness to run into your arms with a big hug because you just taught their Mom how to make warm corn grits for dinner

I’ve been there my friends, I’ve seen, experienced and broke down while whole families clap and sing for me for making the most insignificant improvement in their lives.

When you spend time in the developing world you begin to appreciate how much we take for granted and how fortunate, by accident of birth, we are, to be where we are.

I’ve spent 20 years with indigenous peoples of the developing world.

When I was President & CEO of a major company in NY I had a glamorous office on a 38th floor overlooking Central Park and all the perks and amenities you can imagine. I gave it all up to lend my talent and experience as a low paid advisor to people far less fortunate than myself.

It was by far the most rewarding life decision  I’ver ever made!

I know that if the US put one small fraction of our multibillion-dollar defense budget against the meager Peace Corp budget of approx $500M for a global program in a world with 7 billion people it would have the potential to change things in the world, for the better.

In 1961 the Peace Corp was established with an executive order signed by President John F Kennedy. He understood how powerful love and education can be, it can change the world far beyond conflict, no one wins a war, not even the victors as they count body bags being saluted as they roll out of the belly of a Boeing Globemaster.

War is never the answer, never, ever!

Most Generals who have had combat command in a hot war zone agree with that.

Preparation, yes; readiness, yes; exercises, yes but killing and maiming our young men and women for the sake of a political agenda, no. There has to be a better way, there must be.

If we can land men on the moon, put the world’s knowledge in the palm of our hand, and have cars that drive themselves surely we can find a better resolution for territorial conflict than the barrel of a gun, much less a nuclear bomb!

We have seen a lot of Executive Orders signed by this President, none designed to improve our lives or the lives of our neighbors around the world. JFK with a single act did more to improve the world and educate our young people than current orders combined.

Let me be clear, I’m not your typical bleeding-heart liberal, in fact, I’ve voted Republican my entire life. It wasn’t until last year that I changed my vote and subsequently saw our nominee for what he was, a dangerous demagogue with questionable morals,  a suspect agenda and a self-serving platform with fascist overtones and family narcissism.

Then we met his advisors, men selected to help him manage the greatest country on earth.  Steve Bannon and indicted felons,  Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn and, of course,  “The Mooch”, Anthony Scaramucci. Fortunately, they have all been fired but on-the-job vetting is not a good idea, a lot of harm can be done during the process.

The Trump administration will have legislative gains, not the least of which is a revised tax code, all Presidents do. The question remains whether, in this case, do we accept the messenger or remove him from office for duty unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman.

Leaders, who adopt a sophistic philosophy believe  “the end justifies the means” no matter how unethical, immoral or illegal those means may be.  JFK believed the means were as important as the ends.

“On March 1, 1961 President John F Kennedy signed Executive Order 10924 which established…”



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