The Ambassador’s Daughter-Alex

(Alex is undergoing her first interrogation with Omar, the young terrorist who is conflicted between his commitment to Al Qaeda and his attraction to Alex) 

There was chemistry between us, we both knew it, a combination of looks, personality,

unnamedand intellect driving the discussion beyond victim and captor. Some might call it the Law Of Attraction, that new age maxim that “like attracts like”  defined as either negative or positive depending on your mindset. In this case, my feelings for Omar were in a war zone, struggling back and forth from hate to empathy with the latter winning the battle if not the war. I liked this man, he was intellectually committed but not a fanatic, he could be turned, not sure I could do it.


He was treating me like dirt, slapping and abusing me and yet I felt something for him, something nurturing and consoling. I didn’t want to like him and God knows I didn’t want to feel attracted to him on a physical level and yet I couldn’t deny these thoughts. There was a spark, like a flint on steel, not yet a flame, but smoldering.


. “You’re not my friend Omar, you’re my enemy. You’re holding me against my will. You’ll soon discover that US foreign policy includes the rescue of State Department employees from creeps like you. Kidnapping me was a mistake, a big mistake and one that you and your gang of thugs will live to regret. I may not survive this ordeal but be assured, this mistake raises the bar on US search and destroy, they’ll find you and they’ll destroy you and your nest of snakes.

We don’t negotiate with creeps like you, you’ve put your foot into a pile of shit Mr Omar, the stink will follow you to a violent end, trust me.

He screamed; “enough woman” and slapped me , harder this time.


A nod towards Aalee ended the interrogation. He went to the door and shouted in Arabic, “get her out of here.”

My keeper appeared instantly. She took my elbow, I jerked it away with a “fuck off lady” and followed her.




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