FOREIGN EXCHANGE by Nick Hahn, due 2016



A US Ambassador faces the hardest decision of his life when his 16-year-old daughter is kidnapped in Islamabad.


Owen Wintour, the newly arrived US Ambassador to Pakistan, his wife Sally and daughter Alex are traveling in a three-vehicle caravan in broad daylight when a trained team of Al Qaeda insurgents attacks their SUV with surgical precision; the results are devastating


Owen must find a way to rescue Alex while not compromising his loyalty to US policy against negotiation with terrorists.


He turns to Mustafa, the Pakistani-born, US trained Navy Seal, who works the Karachi underground with the beautiful Dilara, his partner, and lover.  She’s a trained Mossad agent with lethal skills.


Together they assemble Seal Team-6, the deadliest asset in the US arsenal, only this time they add Chris Kyle, the legendary sniper feared by Al Qaeda and the Taliban. His kill record is classified but known to exceed 160; the terrorists call him “The Satan”.


A political thriller with non-stop action, steamy romance and a foreign policy conundrum as current as today’s headlines.


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