FOREIGN EXCHANGE by Nick Hahn, Sally Wintour, the Ambassador’s Wife.

Like all US Ambassadors we had household staff and security personnel recruited for their loyalty 10906106_10153497009507586_6014278123377555685_nand discretion. As the gates swung open and we entered the courtyard there were five people standing in front of the main house, three women in traditional Hijab headdress, two men dressed in black pants and white shirts. Three out-buildings were grouped around the courtyard; a guard house adjacent to the gate, a large garage or perhaps storage facility and separate living quarters for the staff. The guard house was large with a small brazier for heating tea and sleeping cots for the 24 hour rotating security.

A third man stood to the side not wanting to be included as household staff. He was tall and muscular with a large black mustache and chiseled features. He wore designer jeans, a turban and a baseball jacket in spite of the heat. The jacket was emblazoned with the iconic NY Yankees logo and barely covered the bulge in the center of his back near the waist. This had to be Mustafa, the name meant Warrior of Islam, a fitting description for the man responsible for Alex’s security. He was born and raised on the streets of Karachi but moved with his parents to New York when he was 17. Now a naturalized citizen of the US with dual passport he’s a trained Navy Seal assigned to the State Department for special operations, guarding our daughter was a special operation. The State Department dossier covered his background in detail but the passport photos they included hardly did him justice, he was beautiful.

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