FOREIGN EXCHANGE, a bi-cultural political thriller by Nick Hahn, due 2015


10906106_10153497009507586_6014278123377555685_n“Since leaving Pakistan I’m consumed by the dichotomy between life in a Muslim country and my life in the US. Omar was born into poverty, a third world society, educated by radical Imams to think a certain way, I was born into upper middle class society also educated to think a certain way. Political and economic paradigms are means to an end, systems designed by men to enhance their lives. Democracy supports freedom of speech, assembly and religion driving political and economic parity for most but not all Americans. Minorities suffer under the system, people fall into disaffected sub-cultures often following leaders telling them what they want to hear, leaders motivated by power fueled by sophistry, immoral means justifying unattainable ends. This small fraction of the US population is shrinking, being absorbed into a growing middle class that appears utopian to the third world. That world is dominated by poverty, people willing to follow any philosophy or leader promising a better life. This is not about intelligence or morality it’s about survival and basic human entitlement. Omar was not immoral he was sick, suffering from a philosophical virus spawned in the Muslim barrios of Pakistan. He would have detonated that bomb, killing thousands of Americans and himself in a cloud of smoke and a full throated Allahu Akbar. The cure for islamic extremism is not found in Guantanamo, it’s an incubator for advanced terrorism where incarceration and torture feed embryos of destruction. Omar is better off with Allah, the world is better off with him dead and America will be better off when we close the dungeons of Guantanamo.”

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