FOREIGN EXCHANGE by Nick Hahn, due 2015

Alexandra Wintour had come of age. At 21 she’d seen and experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. Her relationship with Sally and Owen changed from supplicant to equal, they were just getting used to the idea when Alex informed them she had applied for admission to FSI (Foreign Service Institute) the US government’s primary training program for career foreign service officers. Owen was thrilled, Sally held her breath and said nothing, her dream of a nice American boy with a business career and a love for children had been dashed on the rocks of a young woman’s dream to change the world.


Alex was no longer the Ambassador’s daughter, she was the Ambassador’s acolyte. A young woman with a split personality, one representing her country as a state department officer the other as an undercover agent for Interpol.

Omar’s death was in vain, he failed, he and his fellow terrorists were either dead or in custody. He could have been and done much more in the Muslim world. Global terrorism is an airborne virus, it multiplies in the slums and barrios of the third world, a world ignored by developed nations of the West. Alex Wintour would infiltrate that world, not as an Ambassador but as a an Interpol operative. Mustafa would be her mentor, Omar was the flint striking her steel resolve, a spark that would ignite her passion for changing the world as she saw it.

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