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(and yet they still laugh and relish life)

Human rights[edit]

Main article: Human rights in Uganda

Two women in Gulu whose lips have been cut off by Lord’s Resistance Army rebels.

There are many areas which continue to attract concern when it comes to human rights in Uganda.

Conflict in the northern parts of the country continues to generate reports of abuses by both the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by Joseph Kony, and the Ugandan Army. A UN official accused the LRA in February 2009 of “appalling brutality” in the Democratic Republic of Congo.[41] The number of internally displaced persons is estimated at 1.4 million. Torture continues to be a widespread practice amongst security organisations. Attacks on political freedom in the country, including the arrest and beating of opposition members of parliament, have led to international criticism, culminating in May 2005 in a decision by the British government to withhold part of its aid to the country. The arrest of the main opposition leader Kizza Besigye and the siege of the High Court during a hearing of Besigye’s case by heavily armed security forces – before the February 2006 elections – led to condemnation.[42]

Child labour is common in Uganda. Many child workers are active in agriculture.[43] Children who work on tobacco farms in Uganda are exposed to health hazards.[43] Child domestic servants in Uganda risk sexual abuse.[43] Trafficking of children occurs.[43] Slavery and forced labour are prohibited by the Ugandan constitution.[43]

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