Nick Hahn Returns to Darien to talk about his book “Under the Skin”

On Saturday, October 19 at 5:00 pm Nick Hahn will be at Barrett Bookstore to talk about and sign copies of his new political thriller “Under the Skin”. A long time resident of Darien, Nick Hahn spent several months in Uganda on a consulting engagement and observed abuses of human rights, especially those of women, perpetrated by local authorities and self-centered politicians. His experience stayed with him and inspired him to write a book that would both educate and entertain

In his novel,”Under the Skin”, a brutal African dictator is challenged by two young women from different worlds: Maggie Kincaid, born to wealth and privilege in New York, and Nabby Kibugu, born to poverty and obscurity in the African bush. Their unlikely friendship sparks a fiery political drama with the potential to upend the leadership of a country and change the lives of millions

Click Here for Interview with Author

Barrett Bookstore
314 Heights Road
Darien, Connecticut 06820-4127
United States

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