City of Women by David Gillham

Listened to David describe his new novel at R J Julia Booksellers in Madison CT this evening. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night. I go to quite a few of these,thanks to Roxanne Coady and her amazing staff at this iconic store on the Eastern CT Shoreline. RJJ is a state treasure and a shining example for independent booksellers across the country on how to keep the big A at bay, it’s all about branding and service. They deserve our support.

David Gillham was wonderful. Very articulate as he described his book and the research that went in to it.

The story takes place in 1943 at the height of the 2nd world war in Berlin. The lead character, Ingrid, is faced with a serious moral dilemma that would shatter her life if she made the wrong decision at a critical moment when faced with arrest and imprisonment by SS officers.

The title stems from life in Berlin in those years. The men were at the Eastern Front fighting Russians while the women stayed home fighting a humdrum existence as wives and lovers waiting for the war to end.

Berlin was a City of Women!

Interestingly, David Gillham writes from a woman’s point of view (POV), bringing intuitive insight to that forever complex subject.

My book, UNDER THE SKIN, is also written from a woman’s point of view. Listening to David was like going to school.

City of Women is a great read.

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